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Volume 1, 1952-54

Number 1. ($1.00)
Banner, A.H. - On a new genus and species of nysid from Louisiana (Crustacea, Malacostracea).
Number 2. ($3.00)
Johnson, R.M. - A contribution on the life history of the lizard Scincella laterale (Say).
Number 3. ($3.00)
Cagle, F.R. - An outline for the study of a reptile life history.
Number 4. ($1.00)
Gordon, R.E. - A population of Holbrook's salamander, Eurycea laongicauda vuttolineata (Holbrook).
Number 5. ($1.00)
Penn, G.H. - A redescription of the crawfish Procambarus hinel (Ortnann) (Decapoda, Astacidae).
Number 6. ($1.00)
Penn, G.H. - A new burrowing crawfish of the genus Procambarus from Louisiana and Mississippi (Decapoda, Astacidae).
Number 7. ($2.00)
Smith, E.W. - The life history of the crawfish Orconectes (Faxanella) clypeatus (Ilay) (Decapoda, Astacidae).
Number 8. ($1.00)
Humes, A.G. - Ostrincola gracilis C.B. Wilson, a parasite of marine pelecypods in Louisiana (Copepoda, Cyclopoida).
Number 9. ($1.40)
Volpe, R.P. - Hybrid invability between Rana pipiens from Wisconsin and Mexico.
Number 10. ($2.40)
Lambremont, E.N. - The butterflies and skippers of Louisiana.
Number 11. ($3.00)
Cagle, F.R. - Two new species of the genus Graptemys.
Number 12. ($1.40)
Hill, I.R. - The taxonomic status of the mid-Gulf Coast Amphiuma

Volume 2, 1954-55

Number 1. ($1.00)
Mattox, N.T. - A new Eulimnadia from the American species of the genus (Conchostraca, Limnadiidae).
Number 2. ($2.00)
Anderson, P.K. - Studies in the ecology of the narrow-mouthbed toad, Microhyla carolinensis.
Number 3. ($1.00)
Wilson, M.S. - A new species of Diaptomus from Louisiana and Texas with notes on the subgenus Leptodiaptomus (Copepoda, Calanoida).
Number 4. ($1.00)
Causey, N.B. - Three new species and new records of southern millipeds.
Number 5. ($1.20)
Suttkus, R.D. and E.C. Raney - Notropis bailey, a new cyprinid fish from Pascagoula and Mobile Bay drainages of Mississippi and Alabama.
Number 6. ($1.00)
Anffenbert, W. - A reconsideration of the racer Coluher constrictor in eastern United States.
Number 7. ($1.20)
Suttkus, R.D. and E.C. Raney - Notropis hypsilepis, a new cyprinid fish from the Apalachicola River system of Georgia and Alabama.
Number 8. ($1.00)
Kilby, J.D. - The fishes of two Gulf Coastal marsh areas of Florida.

Volume 3, 1955-56

Number 1. ($2.00)
Suttkus, R.D. and E.C. Raney - Notropis asperifrons, a new cyprinid fish from Mobile Bay drainage of Alabama and Georgia, with studies of related species.
Number 2. ($1.20)
Wilson, M.S. - A new Louisiana copepod related to Diaptomus (Aglaodiaptomus) claripes Schaeht (Copepoda, Calanoida).
Number 3. ($2.00)
Tinkle, D.W. and R.G. Web - A new species of Sternotherus with a discussion of the Sternotherus carinatus complex (Chelopia, Kinoateruidae).
Number 4. ($1.00)
Penn, G.H. - A new Cambarus of the Diogenea section from North Louisiana (Decapoda, Asincidae).
Number 5. ($2.00)
Suttkus, R.D. - Notropis euryzonus, a new cyprinid fish from the Chattahoochee River system of Georgia and Alabama.
Number 6. ($1.40)
Fingerman, M. - Factors influencing the rate of oxygen consumption of the dwarf crawfish, Cambatellus shufeldtii (Decapoda Asiacidae).
Number 7. ($2.00)
Brown, J.L. - Identification and geographical variation of the cyprinodont fishes Fundulus olivaceaus (Storer) and Fundulus notatus (Rafibesque).
Number 8. ($1.20)
Fingerman, M. - The physiology of the melanophores of the isopod Idothea exotica.
Number 9. ($2.00)
Fingerman, M. and D. Fairbanks - Osmotic behavior and bleeding of the oyster Crassostrea virginica
Number 10. ($2.00)
Young II, J. - Anatomy of the eyestalk of the white shrimp, Penaeus setiferus (Linn. 1758).

Volume 4, 1956

Number 1. ($3.00)
Crawford, R.W. - A study of the distribution and taxonomy of the percid fish Percina nigrofasciata (Agassiz).
Number 2. ($1.60)
Volpe, E.P. - Experimental F1 hybrids between Bufo palliceps and Bufo fowleri.
Number 3. ($1.60)
Cagle, F.R. - An outline for the study of an amphibian life history.
Number 4. ($1.40)
Simpson, D.G. and G. Gunter - Notes on habitats, systematic characters and life histories of Texas salt water Cyprinodontes.
Number 5. ($1.80)
Lowe, M.E. - Dominance-subordinance relationships in the crawfish Cambarellus shufeldtii.
Number 6. ($1.20)
Johnson, M.C. and J.R. Fielding - Propogation of the white shrimp, Penaeus setiferus (Linn.) in captivity.

Volume 5, 1957

Number 1. ($1.20)
Hubbs, C. - Gambusia heterochir, a new poecillid fish from Texas, with an account of its hybridization with G. affinis.
Number 2. ($1.20)
Fleminger, A. - New calanoid copepods of Pontella Dana and Labidocera Lubbock with notes on the distribution of the genera in the Gulf of Mexico.
Number 3. ($1.20)
Hobbs Jr., H.H and M. Walton - Three new crayfishes from Alabama and Mississippi (Decapoda: Astacidae).
Number 4. ($1.20)
Fingerman, M. and L.D. Fairbanks - Heat death and associated weight loss of the oyster Crassostrea virginica.
Number 5. ($1.00)
Bick II, G. - The Odonata of Louisiana.
Number 6. ($3.20)
Fingerman, M. - Endocrine control of the red and white chromatophores of the dwarf crawfish, Cambarellus shufeldti.
Number 7. ($1.60)
Fingerman, M. and M.E. Lowe - Hormones controlling the chromatophores of the dwarf crawfish, Cambarellus shulfedti: their secretion, stability, and separation by filter paper electrophoresis.
Number 8. (Sold Out)
Gibbs Jr., R.H. - Cyprinid fishes of the subgenus Cyprinella of Notropis. Ill. Variations and subspecies of Notropis venustus (Girard).
Number 9. ($1.40)
Volpe, E.P. - The early development of Rana capito sevosa
Number 10. ($2.40)
Penn, G.H. - Variation and subspecies of the crawfish Orconectes palmeri (Faxon) (Decapoda, Astacidae).
Number 11. ($1.60)
Steinberg, J.E. and E.C. Dougherty - The skeleton shrimps (Crustacea: Caprellidae) of the Gulf of Mexico.
Number 12. ($1.80)
Robins, C.R. and E.C. Raney - The systematic status of the suckers of the genus Moxostoma from Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Volume 6, 1958

Number 1. ($5.00)
Tinkle, D.W. - The systematics and ecology of the Sternothaerus carinatus complex (Testudinata, Chelydridae).
Number 2. ($4.00)
Mather, B. and K. Mather - The butterflies of Mississippi.
Number 3. ($4.00)
Wilson, C.A. - Aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera of Mississippi.
Number 4. ($2.40)
Wilson, M.S. - The copepod genus Halioyclops in North America, with description of a new species from Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, and the Texas coast.

Black, J.B. - Ontogeny of the first and second pleopods of the male crawfish Orconectes olypeatus (Hay) (Decapoda, Astacidae).

Volume 7, 1959

Number 1. ($2.40)
Henry, G. - An illustrated key to the crawfishes of Louisiana with a summary of their distribution within the State (Decapoda, Astacidae).

Fingerman, M. - Comparison of the chromatophorotropins of two crawfishes with special reference to electrophoretic behavior.

Number 2. ($3.00)
Miller, R.J. - A review of the seabasses of the genus Centropristes (Serranidae).
Number 3. ($4.00)
Sogandares-Bernal, F. - Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from the Gulf of Panama and Bimini, British West Indies.
Number 4. ($2.40)
Kruse, D.N. - Parasites of the commercial shrimps, Penaeus aztecus Ives, P. duorarum Burkenroad, and P. setiferus (linnaeus).

Volpe, E.P. and J.L. Dobie - The larva of the oak toad, Bufo queroious Holbrook.

Volume 8, 1960-61

Number 1. ($2.40)
De Abate, J.L. - Studies on the backswimmers of Costa Rica (Hemiptera: Notonectidae).
Number 2. ($2.60)
Sogandares-Bernal and J.F. Bridgman - Three Ascocotyle complex trematodes (heterophyidae) encysted in fishes from Louisiana, including the description of a new genus.

Sundararaj, B.I. - Age and growth of the spot, Leiostomus xanthurus Lacepede.

Number 3. ($2.00)
Shoop, C.R. - The breeding habits of the mole salamander, Ambystoma talpoideum (Holbrook), in southeastern Louisiana.

Renfro, W.C. - Salinity relations of some fishes in the Aransas River, Texas.

Number 4. ($2.40)
Negus, N.C, E.Gould, and R.K. Chipman - Ecology of the rice rat, Oryzomys palustris (Harian), on Breton Island, Gulf of Mexico, with a critique of the social stress theory.
Number 5. ($2.40)
Sears, D.F. and L. Elveback - A quantitative study of the movement of Paramecium caudatum and P. multimioronucleatum.

Sogandares-Bernal, F. and L.M. Sogandares - Nine digenetic trematodes from the Atlantic Coast Panama.

Number 6. ($2.40)
Lowe, M.E. - The female reproductive cycle of the crayfish Cambarellus shufeldti: The influence of environmental factors.

Suttkus, R.D. and B.I. Sundarararaj - Fecundity and reproduction in the large-scale menhaden, Brevoortia patronus Goode.

Volume 9, 1961-62

Number 1. ($6.00)
Holliman, R.B. - Larval trematodes from the Apalachee Bay area, Florida, with a checklist of known marine cercariae arranged in a key to their super-families.
Number 2. ($3.00)
Springer, V.G. and A.J. McErlean - Spawning seasons and growth of the code goy, Gobisoma robustum (Pisces: Bobidae), in the Tampa Bay area.

Lumsden, R.D. and J.A. Zischke - Seven trematodes from small mammals in Louisiana.

Number 3. ($1.40)
Short, R.B. - Two new dicyemid mesozoans from the Gulf of Mexico.
Number 4. ($12.00)
Collette, B.B. - The swamp darters of the subgenus Hololepis (Pisces, Percidae).

Collette, B.B. and R.W. Yerger - The American percid fishes of the subgenus Villora.

Number 5. ($10.00)VIOSCA MEMORIAL NUMBER (April 16, 1962)
Percy Viosca, Jr. - Naturalist, by George Henry Penn

Bibliography of Percy Viosca, Jr., by George Henry Penn

Viosca Jr., P. - Observations on the biology of the leech Philobdella gracile Moore in southeastern Louisiana.

Boschung, H.V. and G. Gunter - Distribution and variation of Branchiostoma caribaeum in Mississippi Sound.

Ewan, J. - James Trudeau and the recent discovery of a collection of paintints of eggs of North American birds.

Gunning, G.E. and C.R. Shoop - Restricted movements of the American eel, Anguilla rostrata (LeSueur), in freshwater streams, with comments on growth rate.

Hobbs Jr., H.N. - Notes on the affinities of the members of the Blandingii section of the crayfish genus Procambarus.

Ingle, R.M. - Potential research benefits to be derived from estuarine heterogeneity.

Lumsden, R.D. - Four echinostome trematodes from Louisiana birds including the description of a new species.

Lytle, C.F. - Craspedacusia in the southern United States.

Moore, W.G. and L.H. Ogren - Notes on the breeding behavior of Eubranchipus holmani (Ryder).

Sogandares-Bernal, F. - Microphallus progeneticus, a new apharyngeate progenetic trematode (Microphallidae) from the dwarf crayfish Cambarellus puer.

Yerger, R.W. and R.D. Suttkus - Records of freshwater fishes in Florida.

Tinkle, D.W. - Variation in shell morphology of North Americanturtles I. The carapacial seam arrangements.

Volume 10, 1962-63

Number 1. ($5.00)
Fairbanks, L.D. - Biodemographic studies of the clam Rangia cuneata Gray.

Fingerman, M. and Nagabushanam, R. - Proximal retinal pigment responses and their relationship to total protochemical adaptation in the dwarf crayfish, Gambarellus shufeldti.

Fitzpatrick, Jr., J.F. - Geographic variation in the crawfish Faxonella clypeata (Hay) with the definition and defense of the genus Faxonella Creaser (Decapoda, Astacidae).

Number 2. ($4.00)
Holliman, R.B. - Gyrodactylus shorti, a new species of monogenetic trematode from the brood pouch of the southern pipefish, Syngnathus scovelli (Evermann and Kendall).

Walton, D.W. - A collection of the bat Lonchophylla robusta Miller from Costa Rica.

Baqai, I.U. - Studies on the postembryonic development of the fairy shrimp, Streptocephalus seali Ryder.

Rose, F.L. and F.M. Bush - A new species of Eurycea (Amphibia: Caudata) from the Southeastern United States.

Number 3. ($6.00)
George Henry Penn Memorial Number

Dundee, H.A. - George Henry Penn - Founding editor of Tulane Studies in Zoology

Auffenberg, W. - The fossil snakes of Florida

Volume 11, 1963-64

Number 1. ($2.40)
Layne, J.N. - A study of the parasites of the Florida mouse, Peromyscus floridanus, in relation to host and environmental factors.
Number 2. ($4.00)
Little, Jr., F.J. - The sponge fauna of the St. George's Sound, Apalachee Bay, and Panama City regions of the Florida Gulf Coast.
Number 3. ($2.40)
Fingerman, M. and C. Oguro. - Hormonal control of the reflecting retinal pigment in the isopod Ligia olfersi Brandt.

Mobberly, Jr., W.C. - Hormonal and environmental regulation of the molting cycle in the crayfish, Faxonella clypeata.

Number 4. ($5.00)
Bullis, Jr., H.R. - Muricidae (Gastropoda) from the northeast coast of South America, with descriptions of four new species.

Sublette, J.E. - Chironomidae (Diptera) of Louisiana 1. Systematics and immature stages of some lentic chironomids of west-central Louisiana.

Buckley, B.R. and J.E. Sublette - Chironomidae (Diptera) of Louisiana II. The limnology of the upper part of Cane River Lake, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, with particular reference to the emergence of Chironomidae.

Number 5. ($5.00)
Nahbas, F.M. and R.M. Cable - Digenetic and asidognstrid trematodes from marine fishes of Curacao and Jamaica.

Volume 12, 1964-65

Number 1. ($2.00)
Holt, P.C. - A new branchiobdellid (Annelida) from Costa Rica.

Smalley, A.E. - The river crabs of Costa Rica, and the subfamilies of the Pseudothelphusidae.

Bowman, T.E. - Mysidopsis almyra, a new estuarine mysid crustacean from Louisiana and Florida.

Number 2. ($2.40)
Chipman, R.K. - Age determination of the cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus).

Nabhas, F.M and R.B. Short - Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from Apalachee Bay, Gulf of Mexico.

Number 3. ($4.00)
Arata, A.A., N.C. Negus, and M. Downs - Histology, development, and individual variation of complex muroid bacula.

Ramsey, J.S. and R.D. Suttkus - Ethcostoma ditrema, a new darter of the subgenus Oligocephalus (Percidae) from springs of the Alabama River basin in Alabama and Georgia.

Sogandares-Bernal, F. - Parasites from Louisiana crayfishes.

Fitzpatrick, Jr., J.F. - A new subspecies of the crawfish Orconectes leptogonopodus from the Ouachita River drainage in Arkansas.

Number 4. ($6.00)
Jones, C. - Ecological distribution and activity periods of bats of the Mogollon Mountains area of New Mexico and adjacent Arizona.

Howell, W.M. and R.D. Caldwell - Etheostoma (Oligocephalus) nuchale, a new darter from a limestone spring in Alabama.

Cook, H.L. and M.A. Murphy. - Early developmental stages of the rock shrimp, Sicyonia brevirostris Stimpson, reared in the laboratory.

Moe, Jr., M.A. and G.T. Martin - Fishes taken in monthly trawl samples offshore of Pinellas County, Florida, with new additions to the fish fauna of the Tampa Bay area.

Volume 13, 1966-67

Number 1. ($6.00)
Koford, C.B. - Population changes in rhesus monkeys: Cayo Santiago.

Reimer, R.D. - Two new species of the Genus Cambarus from Arkansas (Decapoda, Astacidae).

Cole, G.A. and W.L. Minckley. - Speocirolana thermydronis, a new species of cirolanid isopod crustacean from central Coahuila, Mexico.

Mason, W.A. - Social organization of the South American monkey, Callicebus moloch: a preliminary report.

Thomerson, J.E. - A comparative biosystematic study of Fundulus notatus and Fundulus olivaceus (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae).

Number 2. ($4.00)
Bernstein, I.S. - Analysis of a key role in capuchin (Cebus albifrons) group.

Webb, R.G. - Resurrected names for Mexican populations of black-necked garter snakes, Thamnophis cyrtopsis (Kennicott).

Kerley, E.R. - Skeletal age changes in the chimpanzee.

Number 3. ($2.40)
Williams, A.B. - The western Atlantic swimming crabs Callinectes ornatus, C. danae, and a new, related species (Decapoda, Portunidae).

Raney, E.C. and R.D. Suttkus - Etheostoma rubrum, a new percid fish of the subgenus Nothonotus from Bayou Pierre, Mississippi.

Number 4. ($7.00)
Williams, K.L. and L.D. Wilson - A review of the colubrid snake genus Cemophora Cope.

Sogandares-Bernal, F. and A.E. Smalley - Studies on American paragonimiasis. V. Further observations on the presence of Paragonimus in fresh-water crabs from Costa Rica, with notes on susceptibility to cercarine of P. kellicotti.

Suttkus, R.D. and J.S. Ramsey - Percina aurolineata, a new percid fish from the Alabama River system and a discussion of ecology, distribution, and hybridization of darters of the subgenus Hadropterus.

Volume 14, 1967-68

Number 1. ($3.00)
Schwartz, A. - The Leiocephalus (Lacertilia, iganidae) of Hispanola. II. The Leiocephalus personatus complex.
Number 2. ($4.00)
Hoese, H.D. and D. Hoese - Studies on the biology of the feeding reaction in Gobiosoma bosei.

Weaver, Jr., W.G. and F.L. Rose - Systematics, fossil history, and evolution of the genus ChrysemysK.

Martin, R.A. - A comparison of two mandibular dimension sin Peromyscus, with regard to identification of Pleistocene Peromyscus from Florida.

Number 3. ($7.00)
Albrecht, P.W. - The cranial arteries and cranial arterial foramina of the turtle genera Chrysemys, Sternotherus, and Trionyx: A compartive study with analysis of possible evolutionary implications.

Pi, J.S. and C. Jones - Notes on the distribution and ecology of the higher primates of Rio Muni, West Africa.

Murchie, W.R. - Redescription of two Gulf Coast Diplocardians (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae).

Huck, L.L. and G.E. Gunning - Behavior of the longear sunfish, Lepomis megalotis (Rafinesque).

Number 4. ($6.00)
Fingerman, M. and P.M. Yoshioka - Dispersion of the dark red chromatophoric pigment of the dwarf crayfish, Cambarellus shufeldti: A quantitative analysis of the Hogben and Slome stages.

Wass, M.L. - A new pinnixid commensal with a holothurian (Crustacea: Decapoda).

Schwartz, A. - The Cuban lizards of the Anolis homolecivis complex.

Volume 15, 1968-69

Number 1. ($3.00)
Minckley, W. L. and G. A. Cole - Speocirolanathermydronis (Crustacea: Isopoda) from Mexico.

Black, J. B. - A new crawfish of the genusProcambarus from Mississippi.

Warkentin, M. J. - Observations on the behavior andecology of the nutria in Louisiana.

Suttkus, R. D. and G. H. Clemmer - Notropisedwardraneyi, a new cyprinid fish from the Alabama and Tombigbee River systems.

Number 2. ($3.00)
Dundee, H. A. and M. C. Miller III - Aggregative behavior and habitat conditioning by the prairie ringneck snake, Diadophis punctatus arnyi.

Dobie, J. L. - A new turtle species of the genus Macroclemys (Chelydridae) from the Florida Pleistocene.

Bollinger, R. R., J. R. Seed, and A. A. Gam - Studies on frog trypanosomiasis II.

Seed, J. R., F. Sogandares-Bernal, and A. A. Gam - Studies on American paragonimiasis VI.

Number 3. ($3.00)
Groover, R. D. and Str. A. M. Hofstetter - Planophila terrestris, a new green alga from Tennessee soil.

Bridgman, J. F. - Life cycles of Carneophallus choanophallus and C. basodactylophallus (Trematoda).

Birdsong, R. S. and L. W. Knapp - Etheostoma collettei, a new darter of the subgenus Oligocephalus from Louisiana and Arkansas.

Molenock, J. - Mysidopsis bahia, a new species of mysid (Crustacea: Mycidacea) from Galveston Bay, Texas.

Number 4. ($3.00)
Overstreet, R. M. - Digenetic trematodes of marine teleost fishes from Biscayne Bay, Florida.

Volume 16, 1969-70

Number 1. ($3.00)
Thomerson, J. E. - Variation and relationship of the studfishes, Fundulus catenatus and Fundulus stellifer (Cyprinodontidae, Pisces).

Rogers, W. A. - Swingleus polyclithroides gen. et sp. nov. (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) from Fundulus grandis.

Yamaguti, S. and S. Kamegai - A new trematode, Lepidodymocystis irwini (Didymozoidae) from a marine fish, Menticirrhus nasus.

Number 2. ($3.00)
Wilson, L. D. - The coachwhip snake, Masticophis flagellum (Shaw): Taxonomy and distribution.
Number 3. ($3.00)
Dundee, D. S. - Introduced Gulf Coast molluscs.

Suttkus, R. D. - Type specimens of fishes in the Tulane University Collection with a brief history of the collection.

Number 4. ($2.70)
Schwartz, A. - A systematic review of Uromacer catesbyi Schlegal (Serpentes, Colubridae).

Volume 17, 1971-1972

Number 1. ($3.00)
Naghas, F. M. and E. C. Powell - Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from the Floridian northern Gulf of Mexico.

Altig, R. and R. A. Brandon - Generic key and synopses for free-living larvae and tadpoles of Mexican amphibians.

Welden, A. L. - New or little known species of tropical fungi.

Number 2. ($3.00)
Clemmer, G. H. and R. D. Suttkus - Hybopsis lineapunctata, a new cyprinid fish from the upper Alabama River system.

Cargo, D. G. - The sessile stages of a scyphozoan identified as Rhopilema verrilli.

Payne, J. F. - Fecundity studies on the crawfish Procambarus hayi.

Abele, L. G. - A new species of Periclimenaeus Borradaile (Crustaces: Decapoda: Palaemonidae) from the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Numbers 3 & 4. ($3.00)
Smalley, A. E. and G. Rodrigues - Trichodactylidae fromVenezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador (Crustacea: Brachyura).

Sutton, J. F. - Notes on skeletal variation, toothreplacement, and cranial suture closure of the porcupine(Erethizon dorsatum).

Richardson, A. - Revision of Louteridium (Acanthaceae).

Volume 18, 1973-1974

Numbers 1 & 2. ($6.00)
Tidwell, M. A. - The Tabanidae (Diptera) of Louisiana.
Number 3. ($3.00)
Barbour, C. D. - The systematics and evolution of the genusChirostoma Swainson (Pisces, Atherinidae).
Number 4. ($3.00)
Haynes, D. and R. R. McKown - A new species of map turtle(genus Graptemys) from the Guadalupe River System inTexas.

Branson, B. A. and E. C. Baker - An ecological study ofthe queen snake Regina septemvittata (Say) inKentucky.

Wall, B. R., Jr. and J. D. Williams - Etheostomabaschungi, a new percid fish from Tennessee River Drainage in Northern Alabama and western Tennessee.

Volume 19, 1975-1977

Numbers 1 & 2. ($3.00)
Albaugh, D. W. - A new crawfish of the genusProcambarus, subgenus Capillicambarus fromTexas, with notes on the distribution of the subgenus.

Relyea, K. and B. Sutton - A new troglabitic crayfish ofthe genus Procambarus from Florida(Decapoda:Astacidae).

Reimer, R. D. and D. B. Jester - A new crayfish of thegenus Orconectes from Conchas Lake, New Mexico.

Gould, E. and J. Ewan - Phytogeographic and ecologic relationships of flora of Breton Island, Louisiana.

Numbers 3 & 4. ($3.75)
Cashner, R. C. and J. D. Brown - Longitudinal distributionof the fishes of the Buffalo River in NorthwesternArkansas, with some taxonomic considerations.

Blaney, R. M. - Systematics of the common kingsnake,Lampropeltis getulus (Linnaeus).

Bouchard, R. - Etheostoma etnieri, a new percidfish from the Caney Fork (Cumberland) River System,Tennessee, with a redescription of the subgenus Ulocentra.

Malek, E. A. - Natural infection of the snailBiomphalaria obstructa in Louisiana withRibeiroia ondatrae and Echinoparyphiumflexum, with notes on the genus Psilostomum.

Volume 20, 1978

Numbers 1 & 2. ($3.00)
Frey, D. G. - A new species of Eurycercus(Cladocera, Chydoridae) from the Southern United States.

Harris, M. J. - Copepoda of Northern Mississippi with adescription of a new subspecies.

Jackson, D. R. - Evolution and fossil record of thechicken turtle Deirochelys, with a re-evaluation of the genus.

Numbers 3 & 4. ($4.50)
Fitzpatrick, J. F., Jr. - Systematics of the crawfishes ofthe Hagenianus group of the genus Procambarussubgenus Girardiella (Decapoda, Cambaridae).

Campbell, R. D. and B. A. Branson - Ecology andpopulation dynamics of the black bullhead, Ictalurusmelas Rafinesque, in Central Kentucky.

Mettee, M. F., Jr. and E. C. Beckham III - Notes on thebreeding behavior, embryology and larval development ofCyprinodon variegatus Lacepede in aquaria.

Volume 21, 1979

Number 1. ($4.00)
Sundell, E. G. - Bibliography of Louisiana Botany,1951-1975.
Number 2. (sold separately)
Turner, H. M. and K. C. Corkum - A seasonal and ecologicalsurvey of the freshwater limpet snails (Pulmonata:Ancylidae) and their digenetic trematode parasites insoutheastern Louisiana.($3.50)

Gatz, A. J., Jr. - Ecological morphology of freshwaterstream fishes.($3.50)

Hart, D. R. - Niche relationships of Thamnophis radixhaydeni and Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis inthe interlake district of Manitoba.($3.50)

Volume 22, 1980-1981

Number 1. ($4.00)
Schwartz, A. and E. D. Graham - The schrevei group ofHispaniolan Sphaerodactylus (Reptilia, Gekkonidae).

Vogt, R. C. - Natural history of the map turtlesGraptemys pseudogeographica and G.ouachitensis in Wisconsin.

Fahey, K. M. - A taxonomic study of the cooter turtles,Pseudemys floridana (LeConte) and Pseudemysconcinna (LeConte), in the lower Red River, Atchafalaya River, and the Mississippi basins.

Number 2. ($3.50)
Heins, D. C. - Life history pattern of the Notropissabinae (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in the lower Sabine Riverdrainage of Louisiana and Texas.

Porras, L., J. L. McCranie, and L. D. Wilson - Thesystematics and distribution of the hognose viperBothrops nasuta Bocourt (Serpentes: Viperidae).

Shoop, W. L. and K. C. Corkum - Some trematodes of mammals in Louisiana.

Volume 23, 1981-1982

Number 1. (sold separately)
Iverson, J. B. - Biosystematics of the Kinosternonhirtipes species group (Testudines: Kinosternidae).($4.00)

O'Neil, P. E. - Life history of Etheostoma coosae(Pisces: Percidae) in Barbaree Creek, Alabama.($0.50)

Dobie, J. L. - The taxonomic relationship betweenMalaclemys Gray, 1844 and Graptemys Agassiz,1857 (Testudines: Emydidae).($1.00)

Number 2. (sold separately, entire number $3.50)
Hanuamante, M. K. and M. Fingerman - Changes in the melaninmigration induced by noradrenergic and histaminergic agentsin the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator.($0.50)

Shoop, W. L. and K. C. Corkum - Additional trematodes ofmammals in Louisiana with a compilation of all trematodesreported from wild and domestic mammals in the state.($1.25)

Rossman, N. J., D. A. Rossman, and N. L. Keith -Comparative visceral topography of the new world snaketribe Thamnopiini (Colubridae, Natricini).($2.75)

Volume 24, 1983

Number 1. ($5.50)
Utley, J. F. - A revision of the Middle Americanthecophylloid Vrieseas (Bromeliaceae).
Number 2. ($4.00)
Grady, J. M., R. C. Cashner, and J. S. Rogers - Fishes ofthe Bayou Sara drainage, Louisiana and Mississippi, with adiscriminant functions analysis of factors influencingspecies distribution.

White, D. A., S. P. Darwin, and L. B. Thien - Plants and plant communities of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, Louisiana.

Volume 25, 1985-1986

Number 1. ($5.50)
Burt-Utley, K. - A revision of Central American species ofBegonia section Gireoudia (Begoniaceae).
Number 2. ($5.50)
Duggins, C. F., Jr., A. A. Karlin, K. Relyea, and R. W.Yerger - Systematics of the Key Silverside, Menidiaconchorum, with comments on other Menidiaspecies.

Bart, H. L., Jr. and R. C. Cashner - Geographicvariations in Gulf Slope populations of the bluntnosedarter, Etheostoma chlorosomum (Hay).

Volume 26, 1987-1988

Number 1. ($7.00)
Tropical Forests: Conservation and Uses (A symposiumsponsored by the Mesoamerican Ecology Institute of theRoger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies) -Complexity of tropical rain forests, by L. B. Thien, V.

Rico-Gray, A. E. Smalley and A. S. Bradburn; Tropical deforestation and Maya silviculture: an ecological paradox, by A. Gómez-Pompa; Changing Maya livelihood in the forest of Quintana Roo: flexibility and freedom, by P. Sullivan; Mesoamerica's tropical rainforests: conflicts and conservation by J. D. Nations; An economic perspective on tropical deforestation, by P. T. Hazlewood.

Number 2. ($7.00)
Barr, C. B. and J. B. Chapin - The aquatic Dryopoidea ofLouisiana (Coleoptera: Psephenidae, Dryopidae, Elmidae).

Volume 27, 1989-1990

Number 1. ($7.00)
Ernst, C. H., W. A. Cox, and K. R. Marion - Thedistribution and status of the flattened musk turtle,Sternotherus depressus (Testudines: Kinosternidae).

Soniat, T. M. and J. D. Gauthier - The prevalence andintensity of Perkinsus marinus from the mid northern Gulf of Mexico, with comments on the relationship of the oyster parasite to temperature and salinity.

Number 2. ($7.00)
Kuschel, G. - Some weevils from Winteraceae and other hostsfrom New Caledonia.
Suttkus, R. D. and H. T. Boschung - Notropisammophilus, a new cyprinid fish from southeasternUnited States.

Volume 28, 1991-1992

Number 1. ($5.00)
Suttkus, R. D. and D. A. Etnier - Etheostomatallapoosae and E. brevirostrum, two newDarters, subgenus Ulocentra, from the Alabama Riverdrainage.
Number 2. ($7.00)
Chaw, S.-M. and S. P. Darwin - A systematic study of thepaleotropical genus Antirhea (Rubiaceae:Guettardeae).$7.00

Volume 29, 1993-1994

Number 1. ($8.00)
Suttkus, R. D. and R. M. Bailey - Etheostomacolorosum and E. bellator, two new darters,subgenus Ulocentra, from southeastern United States.

Bart, H. L., Jr. and M. S. Taylor - Type specimens offishes in the Tulane University Museum of Natural History.

Bradburn, A. S. and S. P. Darwin - Type specimens of vascular plants at Tulane University, with a brief history of the Tulane Herbarium.

Number 2. ($8.00)
Suttkus, R. D., R. M. Bailey, and H. L. Bart, Jr. - Threenew species of Etheostoma from the Gulf CoastalPlain of southeastern United States.

Warren, M., R. C. Cashner, and R. D. Suttkus - Fishes ofthe Buffalo River system, southwestern Mississippi.

Knight, C. L. and R. W. Hastings - Fishes of the Tangipahoa River system, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Volume 30, 1995

Number 1. ($8.00)
White, D. A. and S. P. Darwin - Woody vegetation oftropical lowland deciduous forests and Maya ruins in thenorth-central Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

García-Franco, J. G. and V. Rico-Gray - Populationstructure and clonal growth in Bromelia pinguin L.(Bromeliaceae) in dry forests of coastal Veracruz, Mexico.

Reid, J. W. and G. G. Marten - The cyclopoid copepod (Crustacea) fauna of non-planktonic continental habitats in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Number 2. ($8.00)
Johnston, C.E. and W.R. Haag - Life history of the Yazoo darter (Percidae: Etheostoma raneyi), a species endemic to north-central Mississippi.

Rico-Gray, V., J.G. García-Franco, A. Trigos-Landa, R. Mata and P. Castañeda - Leaf-miner defenses in Bromelia pinguin L. (Bromeliaceae) in Veracruz, Mexico.

Guzmán, G. - Observations on some fungi from Louisiana and Mississippi in comparison with those of Mexico.

Dundee, H.A. - Some reallocations of type localities of reptiles and amphibians described from the Major Stephen H. Long expedition to the Rocky Mountains, with comments on some of the statements made in the account written by Edwin James.

Volume 31, 1999-

Number 1. ($8.00)

Suttkus, R.D. and C. Jones - Observations on the nine-banded armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus, in southern Louisiana.

Bart, H.L., Jr. and M.S. Taylor - Systematic review of subgenus Fuscatelum of Etheostoma with description of a new species from the upper Black Warrior River system, Alabama.

Williams, J.D. and A. Fradkin - Fusconaia apalachicola, a new species of freshwater mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from precolumbian archaelogical sites in the Apalachicola basin of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

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